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Naked Army SASR Vietnam

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S-A-S-R Operator SAS Regiment Vietnam Era

No one figurine could ever represent Special Forces personnel fighting in the Vietnam conflict. Our first Vietnam War commission is a mid-war SASR impression; weighed down with a full patrol load; lightweight ARVN rucksack, M56 rig, smoke and percussion grenades, rigger-made SASR SLR ammunition pouches, and a modified Australian issue L1A1 SLR rifle. The cold cast sculpture includes ‘etched’ camo ERDL fatigues and US issue J-boots, and was commissioned by PLATATAC & SASSPORT for the Australian Special Forces community.

Naked Army

Naked Army 1:6 scale (12 inch) Military cold cast bronze figurines and resin model kits are as individual as the Australian soldiers they portray. They convey a wide range of military theatres including the First and Second World Wars, Vietnam, Timor, Iraq and Afghanistan. They are limited edition and finely sculpted collectables finished one at a time so you are assured of receiving a unique replica of the soldier of your choice.

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