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Terra Firma

TERRA FIRMA is a modern multi-terrain camouflage pattern for land orientated roles in Australia and other parts of the World. Platatac have designed various camouflage patterns in the past 29 years some for commercial use others for special tasks.

The newest addition to Platatac’s camouflage variants, TERRA FIRMA was designed to complement current patterns in service in the Australian Defence Force (AMCU, DPC and AMP). Drawing on similar colours, TERRA FIRMA blends in with these patterns for soldiers’ who transition in and out of service. Those with a keen eye will see our iconic Platatac Skull in the repeat of the pattern.

TERRA FIRMA is commercially available in Platatac admin products to make soldier’s lives easier. Watch this space as we continue to roll out TERRA FIRMA throughout the Platatac range.

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16 Item(s)

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