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Naked Army "BARDIA" + "TOBRUK" – INFANTRYMAN Polyresin Kit

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"Roy" Cold-Cast Bronze Figurine

By 1918 The A.I.F. was recognized as a well organized, well led, formidable fighting force.

Typical of an Australian platoon machine-gunner on the Western Front, Roy carries his Lewis .303 calibre machine-gun, Webley & Scott .45 caliber revolver and wears pattern 08 'pistol rig' equipment in 'battle order'.
He also wears a Brody steel helmet and carries his 'small box respirator' gas mask slung around his neck in the 'ready' position.

  • Cold Cast Bronze Figurine

  • Actual Size: 310mm tall

"Ron Bren Gunner" Bronze Figurine

Part of Naked Army's Rare Series, the figurine depicts a Bren gunner typical of those who fought in campaigns in the Pacific theater, mid to late WW2.

He wears jungle greens and cleated AB boots, US pattern gators, and pattern '37 web equipment.

Gaunt, grimy, and sporting a few days' beard stubble, he retains a cheerful disposition despite the fatigue imposed by the harsh terrain and the grueling jungle conditions.

  • Cold Cast Bronze Figurine

  • Actual Size: 310mm tall

NOTE: Coins not included

Naked Army "Bardia" - Infantry Sgt 2nd AIF LIBYA 1941

Naked Army’s early WW2 portrayal shows an infantryman during the dawn attack on established Italian perimeter defences at Bardia, Libya, 3 January, 1941. 
Rugged up against the bitter cold in greatcoat, leather jerkin and home-made balaclava, he carries the venerable Short Magazine Lee Enfield (SMLE) rifle & 18 inch bayonet, and is portrayed during the opening stages of Australia’s first full engagement against enemy troops in the Second World War.


  • 1:6 SCALE / APPROX 315mm HEIGHT 

Tobruk Infantryman 2nd AIF 1941 Cold-Cast Bronze Figurine

Naked Army’s Tobruk veteran wears the undress uniform typical of men involved in perimeter patrols during the drawn-out siege at Tobruk. His khaki shirt and shorts, steel helmet & basic webbing equipment are typical of the gear worn by Australian troops during their occupation. His cheerful grin & relaxed pose shows the attitude of the Australian soldier in adversity.

Variants of the same basic hot weather uniform and equipment were worn by Australian & Commonwealth troops in all theatres of operation during WW2.


  • 1:6 SCALE / APPROX 315mm HEIGHT 

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