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Platatac 1 Litre Flask

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Made in Australia this Decor 1 Litre flask has been made in olive to suit military use and is exclusively available through Platatac and its retailers.

Made in Australia this Decor 1 Litre flask has been made in olive to suit military use and is exclusively available through Platatac and its retailers. 

The Platatac 1 litre flask is BPA free, food safe, dishwasher safe and freezer safe. 

You can fit 2 of our flasks in the issued minimi pouch, instead of 1 single issued 1 litre bottle. For a single bottle we recommend either the Acccesories Small Flask w/o PALS, or the Accessories Small Flask pouch. Both are 2 MOLLE columns wide which make them a great choice. 

Also available in a 2 pack for $16.00 or a 12 pack for $82.00


83mm x 83mm x 230mm


  • 51 grams approx per flask
  • Robust construction
  • Measurements on the side in 100ml increments 
  • 2 flasks will fit into a issued minimi pouch
  • BPA free
  • Freezer safe
  • Dish Washer Safe
  • Food safe
  • Large mouth screw top for ease of filling 
  • Resistant to Odour
  • Olive
  • Made in Australia

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Offering a diverse range of specialist products and equipment, Platypus Outdoors Group is as unique as the animal we derive our name from. From humble beginnings with an ambitious vision, we have grown from a simple outdoors and militaria store to an international distributor of over 40 worldwide brand names with a combined product list in the thousands. We offer a great range of products and capabilities in support of the soldiers and law enforcement personnel that stand on the battlements looking over us whilst we are safe in our homes. Thanks to you guys; we simply would not exist without your support.

Customer Reviews

Great bottle, just wish the top was nalgene compatible Review by Pete
This is a great bottle, it is slightly more compact than a standard 1L Nalgene type bottle. Unfortunately it does not accept Nalgene/Camelbak/Stanley/Hydroflask/Source/etc bottle lids (opening diameter slightly too small). That is the biggest downfall of this bottle to me - Other than that it really is a great piece of kit. The bottle itself seems like it will last forever, it would be nice to be able to use the vast array of available Nalgene compatible lids though, both for replacement of lost/damaged lids, or for improvement (straws, hoses, etc.). The lid also seems much stiffer (eg more brittle) plastic than the bottle, which makes me think I will eventually break it dropping it out of something. The seal also seems cheap - it is the sort of coated paper lid insert one finds in the lids of household cleaning product lids. It seals just fine, but will eventually wear out/fall out/take on flavors/grow mold/etc - a Nalgene compatible lid would be much better.

The bottle itself is great though. The plastic is not flexible like a bladder, but it "gives" enough to take some drops. The plastic "feels" like canteen plastic. It is a dull military green but not so opaque that you can't see the shadow of the water you are filling on the fill lines provided. The fill lines are molded, not painted so they won't wear off (like Nalgene bottles). It has a "fill to" marking @ ~950ml which I am assuming is for expansion if the water freezes - if so this is a nice touch. The squared shape allows them to fit into the crevices of packs better, as others have said. It also works MUCH better in vehicle ops though - they don't roll all over the place on you (again though, they would be even better if they could take Nalgene tops for this purpose so one could put on the straw/sports bottle type tops).
(Posted on 23/01/2017)
Works Review by goon
square shape works well in packs/pouch. lid is easy to turn when wet. lid fails (brittle) when thrown/dropped from height on solid ground when full. container is durable. (Posted on 21/11/2016)
Must have piece of kit Review by Kraut
These water bottles are a must have piece of kit for every digger. I run two of these in my minimi pouch and they fit perfectly, out of curiousity I experimented and found that you can actually fit one bottle inside a standard issue steyr pouch if you've cut the dividers out (which we all have) but it is a very tight fit. The lids are extremely tough and out of all the times I've dropped a full bottle the lid hasn't shown any signs of breaking. The opening is very wide which makes putting sports drink powder in a breeze compared to the issue canteen and with the units of measure on the side it is easy to keep track of how much you're drinking. Overall its an awesome product and I will definitely will be buying more in the near future (Posted on 20/02/2016)
More tough than your usual water bottle Review by Dohnut
This flask is surprisingly tough, and I would suggest that it sits somewhere between a standard plastic water bottle and a 1QT Plastic Canteen (circa. 1950). It will hold a somewhat chemical taste for about 5 cycles of water however the length of time water could stay in this bottle and remain "fresh" is dubious. Bottom line: If you want something to hold water, fit better into a pack, and be a bit tougher than your usual plastic water bottle, then get this flask. However if you want a water bottle that holds a bit less and can be just about run over by a truck and not explode, then get a 1 Quart Plastic Canteen. My only suggestion for improvement would be to remove the inner foam liner from the lid and find a way to emulate how the 1QT Canteen seals itself (i.e. no medium, plastic on plastic seal). Otherwise this is a solid attempt by De'cor. (Posted on 31/10/2015)
Better of getting it with the Tactical Nutrition sample inside. Review by Tango
Considering the nutritional value of Tactical Nutrition it tastes awesome. Flask is a handy bonus and with the minimi pouch is a useful addition to your webbing or kit (Posted on 19/08/2015)
Pretty Good, Although dont drop them on the lids ... Review by Dustin
Not to bad, although the lids seem to crack a little to easy.
Good for fitting into minimi pouches on your pack. (Posted on 22/07/2015)

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