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Warfighting Symbology Stencil with Field Guide

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The RAA 6" Protractor is digitally printed on UV resistant 1.5 mm polycarbonate with a waterproof and UV stable ink, and then laser cut to an accuracy of +/- 0.25 mm. Edges are bevelled to 30 degrees and Roamer plotting holes are countersunk. A semi waxed 0.8 mm polyester thread of over 600 mm is attached to each protractor.


  • NSN 6675-66-108-4268

  • Digitally printed, laser cut and CNC machined

  • Degrees and Mils

  • 600 mm String


  • 100 x 160 x 1.5 mm

Designed to conform to DOD STD 2525B and TIB 82, this stencil allows you to draw all unit and equipment symbols, and many other symbols from this symbol set. It comes with a pocket guide to Warfighting Symbology if selected.


  • Full MIL STD 2525B Symbology
  • Flexible and will not crack
  • Map Pocket Sized
  • Spacer dots to stop ink run

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